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"In Their Own Words: The Space Race" is available at Audible.com, and selected retailers.

Continuing into 2010, Rod Pyle and Cinema Pacific present the Veria TV production of "Feng Shui Living," a 13-part series exploring this ancient Chinese art. "FSL" runs on the Veria TV Network on satellite and cable.

"Beyond the War of the Worlds" on The History Channel. Check local listings for repeat times.

"War Without Mercy" presents a searing look at the Battle for tarawa in 1943. Coming soon!

Rod Pyle

Like many of my generation, I was enthralled by the flights of Mercury, Gemini, and especially Apollo. As those ghostly images came down from the moon, improving on each flight, I stayed home from high school to savor every moment the networks aired. As I grew older and matured into a career and family life, fond memories of NASA's "Golden Years" stayed with me. Since then the opportunity to write numerous books about the space program, as well as to create many documentaries and short media pices about Apollo and the US Mars Program have provided me with countless hours of fascination and enjoyment. It is my deepest hope that I can impart some of the thrill and enchantment I have experienced to you.





"Destination Mars is a factual retelling of this amazing story that reads like an adventure novel. This is a book that no Mars enthusiast will want to miss." -- Ken Kramer, Los Angeles County Library System.

"The enigmatic Red Planet does not easily give up its secrets. Yet Rod Pyle's Destination Mars takes the reader on a first-class journey to this new world, one that continues to be a magnet for inquisitive scientists and space engineers. This is a superb, fact-filled, up-to-date book that portrays the legacy of spacecraft and personalities—from cheerleaders to unsung heroes—that have opened up the terra incognito that is Mars to extraordinary exploration." --Leonard David, Insider Columnist, SPACE.com

"Destination Mars brings to life an extraordinary part of human exploration—the preliminary reconnaissance of the planet of dreams over the last fifty years. Enlivened by interviews with many of the participants, you will feel as if you are exploring the planet with them." --Steven J. Dick, former NASA Chief Historian

"Mars has long held a special fascination for Americans, perhaps it might even be a planet that harbors life. Rod Pyle has written a fine account of this fascination; outlining the history of the robotic space probes sent to the red planet and the knowledge gained through these expeditions." --Roger D. Launius, PhD, senior curator, Division of Space History, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

NEWS: "Tarawa: War Without Mercy" resumes production for a 2013 release. 60 minutes with narration by Roy Scheider.

This film, in production for over a decade, features rarely-seen footage of the relics of the terrible battle shot on the island of Tarawa, as well as interviews with some of the few remaining survivors.

"Tarawa: War Without Mercy" is sobering and saddening, yet inspiring and insightful. It is a documentary you will not soon forget.

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Selected Works

An engaging multimedia experience packed with forgotten space-age artifacts and documents from 1944-today.
An exploration of the Apollo moon program, from the astronauts' perspective.
Rod is the executive producer, writer and director of this new 13-part lifestyle series.
A one-hour special for The History Channel packed with incisive interviews and stunning special effects that illuminates this 100 year-old tale of interplanetary invasion.
An in-depth exploration of NASA's missions to Mars, told with new and rarely-seen footage from the red planet.